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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a gun licnese/ID/Phone etc?

Ask on Twitter to check the appropriate stores within the city. Do not ask in OOC or Discord as this would be classed as Metagaming.

How can I purchase a vehicle?

Get in contact with an employee from a vehicle dealership (PDM), Paradise Trader on Discord or you can check the Yellow Pages / Twitter to see what people are selling.

When I made my character I didn't add eyebrows/hair/wrong sex etc

Go to a barbers/hairdressers and clothing store to fix yourself up.

What voice chat system do you use?

We use Mumble here to keep things simple, just turn Voice Chat on and then your off to the races!

Hey, I'm new to RP can someone help me?

Go check out some YouTube videos on the basics of RP. Once you've done that read our rules and the Civilian handbook! After all that jump into the city and if you get stuck ask for help in a RP manner!

Can I change my character name/sex which is shown on my ID?

No you can't you'll need to make a new character.

Why can't I see my map?

The map only appears whilst in a vehicle since they have a GPS/Satnav system. You can get a compass when on foot if you buy a watch.

How do I get whitelisted to join the server?

Go to the #start-here channel on Discord and react to the message.

I've been put in jail and I'm sure my sentence time has passed?

Go to the visitation area in the jail and you can check on how long you got left by looking at the clipboard on the wall. If your sentence is over it will automatically release you.

How do I collect my stuff after I get out of prison?

Go to the counter in the main lobby and interact with it to get your items back. See the below image.

When does the server restart (aka "tsunami" or "storm" happen)?

This happens at 03:00 and 15:00 UTC+1 (UK Time).