Disclaimer: Examples given are not an exhaustive list. Use your common sense.

Requirements (1-30 points)

  • Working Microphone
  • English Speaking
  • Maturity
  • Common Sense (3-30 points)

    The below are forbidden on our server

  • Exploiting / Bug Abuse
  • Cheating
  • Racism / Homophobia
  • Scamming
  • Server Advertising
  • Breaching TOS
  • No Props Modifiers
  • No Sky Modifiers
  • Confetti / Hit Marker Modifiers
  • Bullet Tracer Modifiers
  • Any mods that provide an advantage over others
  • Character Name (1-30 points)

    You must have a valid name. This must include a first and last name. If you opt to choose an inappropriate name or unrealistic name, this will be changed. Any offensive names will result in a ban.

    Your name must NOT include any numbers or special characters.

    Initiation (2 points)

    Every scene must have some form of initiation before it can progress into anything serious like kidnapping, robbery or shooting someone. Initiation is required to engage in combat with another player. When initiating, you must make the player aware of your intent. To initiate you must be within shouting range and you must allow the other person to respond to your roleplay with words/actions taking roleplay into consideration first e.g letting someone surrender. You may not initiate on a player who is engaged in a menu or animation for proper initiation to occur.

    The only exceptions to this rule are robberies/heists that are labeled as shoot on sight, these can be found in the Robbery Section and if it is agreed upon in a gang war please see the ‘war’ section for more details.

    Fail RP / Low Quality RP (1 point)

    This is when a person fails to roleplay properly, whether that be through going down an unrealistic route or intentionally disrupting the roleplay by trolling. Use your common sense, take on the role of a character and play it. Consistent instances of Fail RP will result in a ban.


  • Taking hostages to MRPD
  • Fake hostages eg a friend or gang member
  • Breaking into prison
  • Giving coms while knocked out/downed
  • Escorting people in a car instead of seating them
  • Asking staff questions in city regarding dev work/tickets
  • Cop Baiting
  • Failure to engage with EMS
  • Powergaming (2 points)

    This consists of two things: to commit an unrealistic act or to force roleplay upon someone, leaving them no chance to respond.


  • Using emotes in any way to gain an advantage over another player/group
  • Escorting people without their permission
  • Animation canceling
  • Escorting people through locked doors
  • Metagaming (3 points)

    Metagaming is using OOC (Out Of Character) information in character (IC). Metagaming is strictly forbidden and will be met with strong sanctions. Only in-game Voice Chat and Radio can be used to transmit IC information. Use of Discord, Teamspeak, or any other voice-chat client that is not Mumble via in-game FiveM voice chat will result in a ban.


  • Using 3rd party coms (see above) to locate another player
  • Stream sniping (using someone’s live stream to find their location to interact in anyway)
  • Transferring information between your characters (assuming you have multiple)
  • Using a PD role to check for warrants for yourself/gang members
  • Using information in city gained through out of character means (discord / streams)
  • Combat Logging (3 points)

    Combat logging is exiting your game in any fashion to avoid RP. Combat logging comes in many forms, examples are listed below:

  • Exiting the server to avoid legal charges
  • Exiting the server before your five minute timer is up
  • Exiting the server to avoid losing weapons via respawn/robbery
  • Exiting the server after your respawn timer is up, but BEFORE respawning.
  • No Value of Life / Fear Roleplay (2 points)

    When confronted with situations that could lead to player kill, fear roleplay should be initiated, commonly abbreviated 'FearRP', which is the concept that your character is afraid to die.

    If someone / group approaches you and you're outmatched/outnumbered, you must comply. The last thing you should want is to die.

    NVL or No Value of Life is a failure to value your life, from a character’s point of view they only have one life and must value their life. Use common sense when in situations and Always value your life. This does not mean that a "brave" character can ignore a gun pointed at them. Failure to abide by this rule may be seen as power gaming and/or FailRP. Some examples of valuing your life are:

  • If you are surrounded with guns pointed at your head, you wouldn’t pull out a gun and start shooting because then you would die instantly.
  • Walking away if you are being taken hostage with guns pointed at you
  • Ramming cars at excessive speeds over 100mph
  • Criminal Roleplay (1-5 points)

    Criminal Roleplay is forbidden when being apart of EMS / Police. If you want to have criminal roleplay, create another character.

    Random Deathmatch (RDM) (2 points)

    The (R)DM is totally forbidden, it consists in killing someone for no particular reason / valid reason. Murder is a serious act, which must be used in case of extreme necessities. You must embody your character to the maximum, you will not act the same way if you are a policeman or a journalist. Killing represents an act that pursues you all your life, be careful to always remember that you embody a character. A scene must be engaged between yourself and your intended target before initiating a murder. It is the same for kills with minimal reasons. You are not going to kill someone just because he/she insulted you.

    Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) (3 points)

    VDM means intentionally killing / injuring someone with a vehicle. Crushing to kill is strictly forbidden and punishable.

    New Life Rule (NLR) (3 points)

    If you self revive / respawn after being incapacitated, you forget the events leading up to your death. You forget who attacked / downed you. You must accept defeat and continue roleplaying without the want to Revenge Kill. Do not return to the scene where you died, you must wait until that scene is finished with.

    If you are revived by EMS (Player EMS), the above does not apply. You can remember everything leading up to your death, unless the medic states you suffer from memory loss.

    You may not self revive / respawn if EMS are on duty or if the scene is still active and people are around.

    When you are downed, you are forbidden to pass information to another person, this includes calling out where you got injured from. When you're down, you must speak about medical treatment only.

    Out of Character (OOC) (1-3 points)

    OOC while playing in the server is strictly forbidden. If someone breaks a rule or you experience a bug, roleplay out the scene and create a support ticket and a member of staff will assist you. If you abuse /ooc you will be punished, this is strictly for emergencies, all contact between a player and a staff member should be done through a support ticket on Discord.


  • Using /OOC in city to communicate, this is for emergencies only.
  • Telling people they are going to be banned or that you are opening a ticket
  • Commenting on peoples real life personalities or issues
  • War

    Before a war can be considered both gangs should try and resolve their issue in a diplomatic way to avoid conflicts, a war should be a LAST RESORT. In order to declare war between gangs/groups both parties MUST agree formally within the city. Roleplay MUST be valued over gunplay and there must be a valid reason within roleplay to declare a war. Wars cannot be initiated over Twitter/Instagram or with a single individual (non-gang member). Wars can only last a maximum of 7 days before having to be renewed.

    When a war is declared there must be an opportunity to forfeit which can be, for example a set amount of money, guns or materials etc. You can not demand locations, benches or gang clothing as a forfeit.

    Examples of valid reasons to declare war:

  • Impersonation of a rival gang
  • Kidnapping of a gang member with intent
  • Revealing information about a rival gang, bench ownership or location
  • Voice ID / No face, No case (1 point)

    You are forbidden to identify someone by their voice alone. If they are wearing a mask or a disguise you must act as though you have never met this person.

    Citizen ID's / CID (1 point)

    Each character is assigned a CID (/cid). This is a unique identifier to that player. Using this number for your own benefit (to see how long someone has been in the server) is forbidden. This number should mean nothing to your character.

    Third Party Rule (1 point)

    Third partying means when two groups are fighting then a third group or indiviual comes along and uses the situation to gain either a drop on one of both groups fighting or to steal from already ingured players. E.g. Their could be a war between two gangs or a group of criminals against the police. No one should coming into one of those scenes to take advantage of gaining something.

    3rd partying is only justified in more gang related situations, if gang A is in war with gang B, gang A can counter rob gang B whilst in an active crime before PD are active on scene, other than that 3rd parting is not acceptable. You see a dead cop, DO NOT ROB HIM.

    Criminal Roleplay / 4 Player Limit (1-3 points)

    Criminal activities are limited to 4 players max at a time unless stated otherwise in the section Robberies / Heists. Relaying information to or between characters (lookouts, radio communications) counts you as part of that scenario.

    Types of Roleplay (10-30 points)

    Suicide, Rape and Sexual Assaults are forbidden roleplay scenarios and are never to be performed within our server.

    Safe Zone (2 points)

    You are prohibited from attacking / robbing / kidnapping anyone inside of Alta Street Apartments. This does not mean you can run there just to get out of scene, if you do this you will be punished.

    Blacklisted Locations (1 point)

    The following locations are forbidden to be used in shootouts or to gain advantage over police or other players

  • The inside of any building that requires a portal to enter (E to enter)
  • Roger Salvage & Scrap
  • Smelting Warehouse
  • Life Invader

  • (This list will be updated over time please regularly check if you are unsure)

    Blacklisted Vehicles (1-2 points)

    Vehicles with guns, parachutes, armour or jump ability are prohibited to be used. These are unrealistic and would not be vehicles which civilians would be able to obtain. Bullet proof vehicle extras/parts are prohibited to be used within any gun fights or any type of shootout.

    Native emergency services vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and ANY military vehicles should not be used under any circumstances or in any scenario. This also applies to vehicles from the Quarry and Monster Trucks.

    Vehicles which can't be used in gun fights or any type of shootout are as follows:

  • Massacro (Any Spoiler on it)
  • C63 (Seats)
  • Infernus (Bulletproof BodyKit)
  • Bullet (Bulletproof BodyKit)
  • M4 (Full Back Windows BulletProof)
  • GTR Rocket Bunny (Spoiler 1)
  • WideBody Mustang (Seats)
  • gt63 (Spoiler 1)
  • Rmodr8alpil (Spoiler 1/Rollcage)
  • Vulcan (BulletProof Windows)
  • Coquette D10 (Spoiler Street Wing/Carbon Street Wing/Performance Wing)
  • Jester RR (Garage Spoiler)
  • Jester (Rear Louvers)
  • zr390 (Spoiler 3/Spoiler 4/Spoiler 5/Spoiler 6/Spoiler 7/Spoiler 8)
  • lynxgpr (spoiler 7/Spoiler 12)
  • acs8 (Fully BulletProof)
  • C7 (Fully BulletProof)
  • Eclipse (All Spoilers)
  • 500GTR Lambo (Back Fully BulletProof)
  • ff4wrx (Back Fully BulletProof)
  • fk8 (Back Fully BulletProof)
  • rcf (Spoiler 1)
  • focusrs (Back Fully BulletProof)
  • gt2rwb (Back Fully BulletProof)
  • lp670 (Back Fully BulletProof)
  • turismo2 (BulletProof Any Spoiler)
  • Ignus
  • Fmj (Any diff roof)
  • Police C7
  • Tailgater (S mid gt wing)
  • Zeno (Gt wing)
  • Viseris (All spoilers other than the small ducktail ones)
  • Gauntlet4 (Race wing /high level wing /tuner wing)
  • LP700
  • 675lt
  • Rmodtransit (Side doors are bulletproof even when opened)
  • Any of the drug running cars (they’re armoured)

  • (This list will be updated over time please regularly check if you are unsure)

    Robberies / Heists (1-3 points)

    During robberies, it is important that a negotiation scene is engaged between the robbers and the police. If negotiations are dropped due to no hostages then the police will breach. You are NOT allowed to have a fake hostage.

    When you successfully complete a robbery / heist, you cannot go and do another one straight away. This falls under chain robbing. You must allow time to pass prior to doing your next robbery.

    You are also forbidden to randomly rob people, you must have a valid Roleplay reason like some form of hated that has built up between you and that specific person. You cannot rob someone just because you want their items / money.

    Please use the below information to assist you. This will tell you if a specific robbery / heist is kill on sight and how long you must wait prior to leaving if the police do not attend. If you leave a robbery / heist propr to police arrival, this is called ghost robbing and it is forbidden.


  • Time Required: 30 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 8
  • Shoot on Sight: No

  • Vangelico / Jewelery

  • Time Required: 30 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 8
  • Shoot on Sight: No

  • Yacht

  • Time Required: 40 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 8
  • Shoot on Sight: No

  • Store / 24/7

  • Time Required: 20 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 8
  • Shoot on Sight: No

  • Bobcat

  • Time Required: 45 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 8
  • Shoot on Sight: No

  • Labs

  • Time Required: 45 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 8
  • Shoot on Sight: No

  • Paleto

  • Time Required: 50 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 8
  • Shoot on Sight: No

  • Bank Truck

  • Time Required: 45 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 8
  • Shoot on Sight: Yes

  • Pacific Bank

  • Time Required: 70 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 10
  • Shoot on Sight: No. If the Power if left On, this will be a KOS.

  • IAA Heist

  • Time Required: 70 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 5
  • Max Cops: 12
  • Shoot on Sight: Yes

  • Oil Rig

  • Time Required: 70 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 12
  • Shoot on Sight: Yes

  • Bobcat Truck

  • Time Required: 45 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 8
  • Shoot on Sight: Yes

  • Union Depository

  • Time Required: 70 Minutes
  • Max Persons: 4
  • Max Cops: 10
  • Shoot on Sight: No